Monday, December 6, 2010

The Real Deal Men of Iron

Above: The specimen known to humankind as 'Stephen Colbert.'

Above: Colbert emanating a turbo amount of 'Truthiness.'

Colbert Enters the Arena

Above Video: Pay close attention to Colbert's entrance, it ties into the purpose of this exercise.

Above: Colbert in a jumpsuit, loading a sound bending jet craft named in his honour.

Above: This is Colbert as a knight in shining armour. I think this is fan art because I've never seen this on his show, but I love it.  He looks like such a patriot in this portrait.

Above: There is more to Colbert than meets the eye. To quote 'Rage Against The Machine,' – "…A spectacle monopolized…"

Above: Colbert minus his show biz machinery.
Above: Colbert and John Legend for his 2008 Christmas special.

Above: Colbert is slippery like soap in the shower.

 Above: Colbert's Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games banner. They dominated the streets. Or at least that was his wish for those banners.

Above: Colbert coaching his speed skaters at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Above: Colbert venting his head full of steam for a little steam cleaning.

Above: Colbert riding a powerful and shiny moose.

Above: Colbert holding a pretty awesome snowboard.

Above: Colbert looking like a proud Ameri-Canadian.

Above: I love this shot. I think it shows a very human side of these distinct gentlemen. Jon Stewart is looking off into the distance concerned about what he is seeing, while Colbert looks concerned toward him. It goes to show that these show business titans are actual people behind their larger than life, ultra polished, juggernauts of comedic, political punditry, that they so steadfastly helm an empire thereof.

Above: Colbert is on his own side.

Above: Colbert. Need I say more?

Above: Canadian Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones and Colbert looking sly.

Above: A sparkling, light hearted moment in time.

Above: Colbert thinks Christmas specials are serious business.

Above: Ok, so this picture has nothing to do with Colbert, but I still think it fits.

Above: Colbert rocking out with Korean popstar 'Rain.'

Above: A little game of telephone.

Above: Those blades can cut to the heart of any matter.

Above: Say hello to my little friend, 'STC Pound System.'

Above: Conan is BACK baby!

Above: Raw emotion people!

Above: Triple correspondent knock out!

Above: Colbert's always adequately loaded with ammo.

Above: Colbert after a hard day's night.

Above: Colbert, what a spicy meatball.

Above Link: Notice how Iron Man utilizes the same entrance approach as Colbert, intriguing.

Above: Note to self: When falling from the sky, always punch the ground on the way down.

Above: Black Widow keeps it sexy and shows how it's done. Nice technique spider lady.

Above: Coincidence? I think not.

Above: Warriors such as Tony Stark and Stephen Colbert are like two peas in a pod. That is, if a pod is a nation, and peas are domineering gladiators.

Above: Jon Stewart deep in thought.

 Above: No rest for the wicked.

Above: The fellas back to back on their own four feet.

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